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Steps to register a company

Step 1 – Is a company right for you?
You need to decide if a company suits your needs.

Step 2 – Choosing a company name – check for a name on
A company’s name cannot be identical to an existing name.
Check existing trademarks or names.
Even if we reserve or register a name for you, a company with a similar trademark or name may take action against you. It is your responsibility to be aware of any similar names or trademarks that may affect your name.
Visit the IP Australia website to search for existing trademarks.

Step 3 – How will your company operate?
Before registering, you will need to decide how your company will be governed. Your company can be governed by:
a) replaceable rules
b) its own constitution, or
c) a combination of both.
At Start New Company we supply your company with its own constitution (option b) as this is widely used and accepted.

Step 4 – Understand your obligations as an officeholder
If you’re an officeholder of a company, you must follow the requirements in the Corporations Act. – see your accountant or contact us.

Step 5 – Get consent from officeholders, members and occupiers
You must get written consent from the people that will fill these roles:
• Director (must be over 18)
• Secretary (must be over 18)
• Member (every company must have at least one member).
At least one director and secretary of a proprietary company must ordinarily reside in Australia.

Step 6 – Registering your company
You can register a company with in minutes, all documents supplied to your inbox ASAP.

Step 7 – After your company is registered…
After your company is registered, make sure:
• the company’s name is on display wherever the company conducts business and is open to the public
• the company’s ACN/ABN is displayed on any documents the company publishes
• the company’s details are kept up to date

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