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Superannuation Fund (SMSF)

$159.00 $129.00

Creating a SMSF is easy.

Upon payment you will need to complete a short questionnaire.  Upon completion of the questionnaire your documents will be ready for immediate download. ( We recommend that the Trustee of your SMSF is a corporate trustee – Please have a corporate trustee setup before you order this product )

SPECIAL PRICE $129 (for a short time only)

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Set up an Australian SMSF 24/7 – Very Fast

Trustees and Beneficiaries – We guide you online through the set-up process.

Documents Include:

  • Application to Become Member
  • Consent to Act As Trustee
  • Fact Sheet Binding Death Benefit Nominations
  • Product Disclosure Statement
  • Resolution to Establish Superannuation Fund Corporate Trustee
  • SMSF Trust Deed and Rules

The SMSF is compliant with Superannuation law and provides for borrowing and property investment.

Documents are stored (saved) on our server thus providing you 24/7/365 future access if needed

We can also arrange your fund’s ABN, TFN and GST registrations Browse to ABN product and Add to Cart.

Also create your Discretionary (Family) Trust



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