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Choosing A Company Name

Choosing A Company Name

Did you know that a company name is not compulsory?

If naming your new company is not important to you, you may not want to waste time thinking of different combinations of names to use.  You can simply use the Australian Company Number (ACN).  When you register a new company with ASIC, they give you a unique number – this is your new company’s ACN.  The ACN is unique and can also if you want to, use it as the name of your new company.  Your able to select this option as you go through the registration process on our company registration page ( and you won’t be required to nominate a name.

If, as the majority of people do, choose to use an actual name for your new company, it must show the legal.  A proprietary company must include the word ‘Proprietary’ or the abbreviation ‘Pty’ in it’s name.  The new company name must also show the liability of the members, unless the liability of the members is unlimited.

  • If the liability of the members of the new company is limited to the amount unpaid on their shares then the new company name must end with the word ‘Proprietary Limited’ or any accepted abbreviation – Pty Ltd, Proprietary Ltd, etc.  Our website will show you the allowed formats to choose from.
  • If the liability of the members is unlimited, your new company name will only end with the words Proprietary.  We currently do not register ‘Proprietary’ only company’s.

When choosing a name when starting your new company, it must not already be registered to a company or a business.  Some words also require special approval from ASIC.  You can check out ASIC’s Company Name Availability page to learn more.

If your new company is going to carry on business in a name different to your registered company name, then you also need to register a business name.

Important to note that your company or business name does not protect your intellectual property or brand.  For more information about protecting intellectual property or a brand see Difference between business names and a trade marks.

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