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Making Changes To Your Company

Making Changes To Your Company

After you start and register your new company, you may find yourself wanting to make changes.  Common changes are

You may seek help and advice from your accountant, make the changes online through the ASIC website.  ASIC have some informative user guides available for step by step instructions.  No matter how you advise ASIC of the changes, the important thing is that you do it in a timely manner after the changes have taken affect as there are penalties for notifying ASIC late.

In majority of cases you need to submit changes to your company details within 28 days of the change occurring.  If you fail to meet the 28 day deadline, you can be up for $79 for up to one month late and $329 for over one month late.

When registering and starting your new company through our service, please check all details especially company name for correct spelling in particular.  Changing your company name costs nearly as much as registering a new company name!

Always if unsure and to avoid costly mistakes, please seek advice of your accountant or other financial specialist for assistance.

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