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Director ID screen shot ABRS

Director ID Requirement

The director identification number (director ID) requirement that is now available on the new Australian Business Registry Services (ABRS) website. ABRS is a new service, managed by the Australian Taxation Office, that will streamline how you register, view and maintain…

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Start New Company - Directors' Dispute - Going to Court

Directors’ Dispute – Going to Court

If you have not been able to amicably resolve your dispute through friendly meetings, mediation or other methods, then you can take the matter to court. We all know going to court is an expensive exercise and you should have…

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Start New Company - Directors Dispute

What should you do in case of a Directors’ dispute?

You need to understand your company's options and your will need a strategy on how to approach the issues and/or problem. Your first step should be to seek legal advice.  This will give you an understanding on the company's position. …

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