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Start New Company - Directors' Dispute - Going To Court

Directors’ Dispute – Going to Court

If you have not been able to amicably resolve your dispute through friendly meetings, mediation or other methods, then you can take the matter to court.

We all know going to court is an expensive exercise and you should have another think about whether court is the next and only other option.

You no doubt have a solicitor at this stage.  They will help you create necessary documents required by the courts stating and setting out your arguments and position.  The other party usually has the chance to respond.

Once the other party has responded, you both gather your evidence and go to court.

You and the other party will argue matters in dispute.  The court makes a judgement.  The judgment could be anything including outcomes like:

  1. Director must resign
  2. Director to sell shares back to the company
  3. Director to make a public apology
  4. Director pay damages
  5. Both parties agreeing to sell the company and reach agreement over the split of profits/losses
  6. Both parties agree one Director to run the company and the other have no input in decisions made

Each dispute is different, with different elements, events and facts.  Therefore each outcome at court will be different.

Start New Company are not legal practitioners – You should always seek independent legal advice and not rely solely on our blog posts.


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