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Start New Company - Cybercrime Avoidance And Device Passwords

Cyber Crime Avoidance Part 2 – Device Passwords

Just about any device you buy that connects to the internet has a factory default password.  Let’s use the modem/router for our example.  The Router is the device that delivers WiFi to your mobile devices around the office.  The Modem is the device that connects to the wall, and brings the internet into your building.  These two devices can be all in one device – and most likely are if you are just using the one supplied by your telco.

These devices have an initial default password set by the manufacturer.  Most of these devices are configured through a web page style interface that is displayed on your monitor when you are configuring them.  Manufacturer or default passwords are used to make it an easy set up for the end user.  For example you login with username: admin and password: password.  Pretty simple stuff eh?  Problem being, that it you do not change these default passwords, anyone can come along and change and reconfigure or connect to your modem/router via WiFi!  

Our advice is that you make yourself aware of the login credentials for all of your company’s connected devices and ensure they all have strong and secure passwords.  Other devices that are often exploited via not having the default username/password changed are security cameras, WiFi connected doorbells, DVR’s, Smart TV’s – you get the picture? Anything connected to your internet needs to have a secure and strong password.


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