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Start New Company - Cyber Crime Avoidance

Cyber Crime Avoidance Part 1 – What is Cyber Crime?

Cyber-crime is fast becoming one of the more common forms of crime that companies experience.  Cyber-crime has proven that whilst it’s virtually invisible, it affects very real people and companies.  It is no longer possible for companies to turn a blind eye and say ‘It’s not going to happen to us!’.

These days, with the growth of the internet, a 15 year old with little computer knowledge can access and download pre written applications or scripts and become a low level cyber criminal.  Scripts and applications that can be freely downloaded from the internet that can search for vulnerabilities  automatically and insert command and control code into mobile phones, computers, laptops and servers.  If you have anything that is connected to the internet, you are a potential target.

You can do many things to help stop your company becoming a victim of cyber-crime.  Please search on our page for other posts/parts of this series on cyber-crime.  If you protect yourself, then you have a good chance of protecting your company and what you do on the internet will be manageable and you will be able to see and avert the potential dangers.

A good place to start to help avoid becoming a victim is your password.


Review all the passwords used in your company.  It is your company and you should be able to dictate at least the security level or complexity that each password that is used within your company is.  Ensure that all passwords 

  • are complicated
    do not add simple numbers to dictionary words or names
    include non alpha numerical characters like #$%^& 
    are at least 9 characters long

Creating a suitable password is not as difficult as it may seem.  If your looking for something to remember try this like: I like pl@ying tennis on S@turdays!  It doesn’t matter if you include the spaces, in fact in would be desirable to as hackers hate passwords with spaces.  You should be able to come up with a unique password for every site: I like pl@ying tennis on S@aturday ebay, or I like pl@ying tennis on S@turday youtube etc etc.  

Ensure that your email password is the most secure and the most unique.  If a hacker gets into your email account, they will firstly change the password to lock you out, go to your online bank and go through the ‘forgot password’ procedure as this procedure will send a reset link to your email (which you no longer control).  They change the bank password and they are into your bank accounts.


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