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Customer Loyalty – Do you need more?

Now that you have registered a company name and ABN, you are ready to start trading.  You have your office setup, you have your internet connected, phones on, now all you need is customers!  It is a well said statement that it costs far less to keep existing customers than to find new ones.  If you’re not attracting new customers by word of mouth, then you will need to advertise.  A far less expensive exercise could be adopting some customer loyalty programmes to achieve repeat business from your customers.

But let’s get back to existing customers.  Once you got them, how do you keep them, how do you keep them loyal to your company to make sure you receive their repeat business?

So apart from your fantastic customer service and to help achieve customer loyalty have you thought about offering:

Freebies:  No, don’t give away your products for free.  I’m talking about little promotion items.  I know when I order printer toner, they always come with a handful of lollies in the box.  When you go to the supermarket and you can collect various cards or small trinkets to form a set, etc.  Things like this can work a treat and entice repeat business to your company.

Loyalty Points: Although a bit harder to implement and maybe cost a little more in the management of such a scheme – but it is worth it in the end.  Remember Subway?  They had a simple loyalty card that you had stamped every sub you bought and then when you received 12 stamps you were eligible for a free one (repeat business).  Subway have moved onto a more sophisticated app based loyalty programme now, but the simple card system I see in many sushi shops around.

Cards of appreciation. These days you can design and automate your own card.  You are able to upload your customer list and send cards to everyone. I mean physical cards.  You can also include little trinkets with the card for extra love :-)  Have a look at Send Out Cards and learn how to thank your customers at any time of the  year with a personalised greeting card mailed right to their door for a very affordable cost.

Coupons and Vouchers.  What better enticement that a discount or something for nothing.  Coupons can be easily generated if you have an online shop or you can have them printed up for low cost at your local printers.  Coupons and Vouchers are  a great way to entice customers back to your company.

There are many ways to help maintain customer loyalty.  A great blog over at Access Development titled ‘40 Inexpensive Customer Appreciation Ideas‘ that you should take a look at if none of the above suit your needs.

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