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Creating Your Company's Website

Creating your company’s website

A website allows your company to display your products or describe your services in detail and at length to get your message and brand in front of your potential customers.  It essentially is your shop front and it is available and accessible all over the world.

There are many ways in which you can develop your company’s website.  To stand out from the growing number of company and other businesses websites you need to find a way to try and make your online presence unique.  It is hard as there are many millions of websites out there and if you can think of a more unique approach then that would be beneficial for your company’s online store front.

TIPS for your new company when setting up a website:

Create a digital business strategy

  • Outline what you want to achieve and how you intend to achieve it
  • Outline your goals and how you intend to achieve them
  • Define responsibilities for execution

eCommerce or Blog

If you want to supplement your physical store allowing customers to buy your products and services online with credit card or Paypal – you will need to look at an eCommerce website solution.

If you’re not selling online and maybe just after an online presence that portrays a positive image of your company or business then a blog type website might be the more suitable for you.

Think of and register your company/business domain name

It is worth spending time to get this right.  The domain name can impact your success dramatically if not selected correctly.  Picked correctly your domain name can increase visibility in the Google Search Index, be front of mind to your customers, easy to remember, etc  To ensure that you are known as being an Australian business or company ensure that you register your domain with the .au extension.

You are easily able to register a domain name through our recommended suppliers at Blue Ocean Web Hosting, and Aussie Tech Heads Web Hosting.

Choose a web hosting service

A web hosting service gives you the space on a server somewhere in the world that is home to your website.  Choose a reputable and affordable company.  A very competitive and affordable Australian web hosting company is Aussie Tech Heads Web Hosting.  If you’re looking for a little more help, a little more personal support in your online adventures then we would recommend Australia’s Blue Ocean Web Hosting.

Building your website

You may be building the site yourself or more than likely you will have a developer build for you.  Either way it is important to think about and consider

  1. How your customers are likely to use your website
  2. The websites design and suitability
  3. Ensuring your website is accessible
  4. Ensuring your website is mobile friendly
  5. Understand and build your site with search ranking in mind

Take your website live

It is essential that you test your website before you push the button to go live.  Ensure the site has easy navigation.  Ensure your site can navigate around your products and services and that your payment gateway works.  Look for any broken links that may exist in the site.  Look for spelling mistakes – pretty much go over your site page by page with a fine tooth comb.  Then push the button to go live and sing it from the rooftops!


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