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Start New Company - Registered Office

Choosing a registered and a business address

Companies are by law required to have a registered office and a principal place of business address.

A registered office

This address will receive all communications and notices that the company is sent from ASIC.  This Address must be within Australia and cannot be a post office box number.  If you do not occupy the registered office address, you should obtain written consent from the occupier to use it and keep the record of consent with your company records.

Principal place of business address

This is where your company mainly conducts its business.  This also cannot be a post office box address.

Start New Company offers a Registered Office address as a service to all new companies for a low monthly fee.   You may want to keep your privacy and/or you may not wish your home address to be used. The registered office address is publicly displayed on ASIC search results.

See our registered office services here

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