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$40 million raised from investors to back emerging startup companies

Mayfair 101 is a company registered to allow investors to buy units in its subsidiary company the IPO Wealth Fund. The fund is structured as an investment company to allow investments in emerging startups.

IPO Wealth has told investors to expect an annual return of about 6.45% for investments of five years.

The IPO Wealth fund is suited to investors looking for stable returns and a place with a little more risk and energy than boring old bank term deposits.
The average investment is around $500 000. IPO Wealth said that the current Royal Commission into the banking industry has caused a big ‘shift in trust’ away from the banks which IPO Wealth have seen the benefits.

Since launching last year, the company has made investments in businesses such as PayMate, ThinkMarkets and Accloud to name a few. The company doesn’t charge management fees and that makes them quite attractive as people nowadays are shying away from financial advisers.
The company is looking to raise another $50 million this year which will bring its total capital to $100 million.

Source: Australian Financial Review

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