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Start New Company Pty Ltd was born from the collaboration of a leading Sydney Accounting firm and a Gold Coast based IT services firm. Both recognised that forming a company on existing sites could be a laborious, complicated, confusing and expensive exercise.

At our heart is what we do. We help you to Start your New Company. By only concentrating on Company Registrations, you can be assured that our total focus is on making the whole registration process time efficient and easy.

Our custom-built application and web page, interacts in real time with ASIC (Australian Securities and Investment Commission). The benefit of Real Time access, is your able to enquire and ensure your ideal company name is available before you start. Once you have decided on your company name, a straight forward form is completed obtaining name, address, etc. Payment is made and your documents will be delivered almost instantly. It’s the simplest way going around to register and Start your New Company.

All our documents are regularly checked by our own solicitors and against ASIC document requirements to ensure conformity and correctness with State and Federal legislation. Our documents tick the required legal boxes, whilst written in easy to understand English.

We are a registered ASIC agent #41144. Our site and all images and links are protected secularly via a dedicated SSL certificate. This means anything that you type into your computer is encrypted and transmitted to us in an encrypted state. When we transmit your data to ASIC we have undergone rigorous identification and interrogation to confirm our bona fides. This process is undertaken by the Symantec ‘Gatekeeper’ and authorises our servers to interact with theirs.

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